As noted in the Metabolic Syndrome page, I have a pretty good idea that I suffer from this syndrome.  My conclusion was made easier when I entered my own lab results and measurements in the AHA website calculator.  Once you calculate your risk for hear attack, it follows with the calculator for Metabolic Syndrome.  I have 4 of the 5 risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome and to diagnose anyone with this syndrome you have to have only three out of five.

It seems to me that being over 50 and having all these risk factors the writing is “on the wall” so to speak.   I have to change my ways NOW.  I think I have found the best way to do it quickly and I want to share my journey here.

It all started when a friend told me about a documentary called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead“.  He said it was impressive, very inspirational and recommend it I watch it.  After seeing it, I was convinced and I recommend the same for you if you are overweight.  I purchased an entry level juicer.  Although the one on the documentary is much more robust, I figure I star slowly.  Downloaded the 3 day fast from their website and went to the market to purchase fruits and vegetables.  I also recruited a good friend who has started this with me.  My following posts will detail the journey and the lessons learned.



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