The weight as I start this journey is 152 lbs.

The waist is over 35 inches.

Cholesterol 257 mg/dL

Triglycerides 177 mg/dL

Blood pressure controlled with medication

I made a shopping list from the 3 day fast plan and came home with fruits and veggies last night.  The plan is based on 5 juices per day.  There is a variety so I will try most of them and see what I like best in order to make it more palatable.  The emphasis on this juice fast is to cleanse or detox the body for the first three days.  Then I will start a plan of mostly juices with one or two salads a day until I reach my goal.

Goal = No Metabolic Syndrome indicators

Today was difficult.  Lets face it, I am fat because I like to eat, so drinking juice does not satisfy that craving.  But I am committed to continue this.  With my headache from caffeine withdrawal and my head on fumes because of the hunger, I marched on!

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