Well Friday came around again and I am very happy to report that I have lost a total of 10 pounds (or 4 more pounds) and 8.5 inches.

When I refer to inches I am measuring the following areas of my body: waist, abdomen (or belly), chest circumference, hips, and upper leg.  Once I measure all of it, I add the inches.  I am most interested in reducing my waist to less than 35 inches since that is one of the indicators for Metabolic Syndrome for women.

This week I have tried to “improvise” with the juice recipes and I have not been too successful.  Most of them have not tasted better than the ones from the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead site.  The reason for the improvisation is that I have wanted to use all organic vegetables and I am still trying to find the best sources for the produce.  So at times is has been hard to find all the types of vegetable one juice takes i.e. Kale, cucumber, celery, apples all organic.  When I have not had all the ingredients it is recommended that you substitute with another vegetable of the same color, since the color is directly connected to the nutritional properties of the vegetable.   Unfortunately, the substitutions I have made are good for the colors but not so good for the taste! Nonetheless, I have drank all my juices and I am seeing the results to I am very happy and feel very good.

Now there are a couple of more people in the office that are getting interested in trying the juices and it has become a nice source of good conversation during lunch.  We are trying to learn more about nutrition, what are the properties of all the produce, what is healthiest for adding to our juices, etc.  The beauty of this, is that even if you don’t really like too many vegetables, you can still enjoy the benefits by juicing them and “drinking” them, instead of eating them.  Juicing gives you the possibility of actually meeting and even exceeding the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.

Now that I know, my general medicine physician approves of how I am doing this diet (3 juices daily plus a salad for lunch, for dinner more vegetables with a small serving of a protein) and that I can actually stick to this, it is time to do the research to invest in a higher quality juicer.

I will share my finding here.


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