This week the weight loss seems to be reaching a slowing down point.  That tends to happen in every diet.  The way to break it is usually adding more exercise.  I am trying to build that into my routine, but it is not easy for me because I hate to exercise!

My results this week are one more pound lost for a total of 11 pounds.  In terms of inches I am much more happy.  I have lost another 2 inches for a total of 10.5 so far.

This week I have continued the daily lunch salads and the brisk walks during lunch to and from the salad bar.  I have cut down the juices to two per day.  One for breakfast that incorporates carrots and some fruit.  One during the mid afternoon that includes celery, cucumber and any other green like Kale and one apple to help the taste.  The mid afternoon drink helps to curve the hunger.  Lets face it, no matter how big the lunch salad, it does not get me to dinner.  In the past, I used to have some kind of snack if I did not have a hardy lunch.  Now I juice!  It is much more healthy and helps not feel so deprived.


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