This week my journey against Metabolic Syndrome has taken me off track!  But for a very good reason.  My granddaughter Elise Marie was born.  My daughter went into labor a week early and we had a storm in the golf.  All at the same time.  My daughter and I were in the hospital during a lock-down due to the storm while her husband went home to secure the house.  As a result, there were not too many eating choices and my trusty juicer was far far away! I was back to my old eating habits, sandwiches, french fries and even a few sweats, not to mention a coke or two.

So at the end of the ordeal when I finally got home, I had gained 2 pounds and felt very bloated.  I have to admit I felt discouraged.  After all the reading and discipline it only took a little sidetracking for me to gain 2 pounds.  That thought was not helping me stay the course.  But my friend, who is doing this with me and had no family emergency kept me on track.  She was quick to remind me that we had decided on a lifestyle change period.  It did not matter if I gained as long as I go right back to my new lifestyle.

So this week’s report is a negative 2 pounds.  We will see what happens next.

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