I hope by now you have noticed that the date stamp on these posts is off.  The reason is that I am blogging as I have time and not always as things happen.  Having said that, I am actually off by a week or so.

This week I am almost back on track but I have only lost 1 pound of the two I gained.  The reason I say I am almost back on track is that I have participated in all the celebrations associated with family and my new lovely granddaughter Elise.  However, I have made sure I am eating more vegetables than protein and I am skipping the sweats altogether.  The other issue is that I ran out of most of the vegetables.  I have not had time to purchase fresh organic produce.  The juices I have made from what I had in my refrigerator and that was cucumber, celery, carrots, oranges and apples. However, even with this partial getting back on track, I do feel better than last week and I am no longer bloated.

I am back eating salad every day at work but I have not had time for my daily one mile walk.  Therefore, this week I am at negative one pound (negative because it is part of the two I gained last week).

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