Europe’s Food Safety Authority will allow the worlds largest chocolate producer to add language in the food label letting consumers know their dark chocolate can beneficial to blood circulation. Although not expected to be approved until next year by the European Commision, this announcement is enough confirmation. For me to feel less guilty about eating chocolate!

However, is important to know that it is not just any chocolate that is healthy. Is the chocolate that is processed using a specific method that preserves the antioxidants and flavanols naturaly present in dark chocolate.  It’s worth knowing that many chocolates available to us now are over-processed like many of the foods we eat these days.  Processed foods loose much of their nutritional qualities and chocolate is no different.

Barry Callebaut is the company that has earned the distinction from the European Food Safety Authority to label their chocolate as potentially good for circulation.  Callebaut has been conducting clinical studies on the health benefits of coca flavanols.  These compounds have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce the risk for heart disease?


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