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Heart Health Expo

The Heart Health Expo is tomorrow!  Sunday June 3rd from 3-6pm.  See you all there!


2nd Annual “Healthy Heart Expo”

The following weekend will be held the 2nd Annual Healthy Heart Expo. I missed the first one but I plan to be there this weekend. I wrote about “The Heart of Gustavo Casanova Foundation” on a article for called “American Heart Month – Do you know your risk for heart disease?”

The event will be held Sunday June 3rd from 3-6pm in Sunset Park Elementary in Kendall. I plan to cover the event for Examiner and will share my comments here too of course. They will have health screening, raffle, prizes and some fun activities for the kids. Most importantly, they will be out there distributing heart health information. For more details check out their website at The Heart of Gustavo Casanova.

Just found an enlightening article in my Google+ stream

“”Why a Big Mac costs less than a salad” from the New York times.  Although somewhat dated, this article is still accurate in its central message.  However, although it is true that healthy foods are often more expensive than unhealthy one, our health is worth the price.  Some times, all it takes is letting go of some other expensive things we like in order the afford better nutrition for our family and ourselves.




Seven Simple Steps

I am keeping up with the American Heart campaign by getting involved in public awareness.  Today I wrote an article for  This article includes the Seven Simple Step awareness from the AMA and provides a bit of a focus on physical activity.  Check it out “Help Your Heart – Get Active“.


February is American Heart Month

I created this site in the hope of sharing information on heart disease to create awareness of this important issue.  Originally, the site did not have a blog.  This month I decided I should add the blog and “take the plunge” so to speak.  For me the “plunge” is to start now actively participating in trying to lower my risk for heart disease.  This will not be an easy journey.  But it will be interesting.  I hope to catalog the journey in this blog.

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